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Celebrating 150 years! Barritt’s Ginger Beer is a family-owned company for five generations

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Barritt’s makes delightfully distinctive mixers for any occasion — simply mix Barritt’s with the spirit of your choice and enjoy.

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Whether you’re behind the bar or in front of it, our mixers lift your spirits.

After 150 years, Barritt’s has expanded beyond Original and Sugar Free Ginger Beer. Barritt’s mixers include Tonic Water, Sparkling Grapefruit and Club Soda! Our products are all gluten free. Since they are all alcohol free, Barritt’s Mixers can be enjoyed on their own, or in a delicious cocktail.

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moscow mule cup with lime
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A Proudly Family-owned Business

From Bermuda to the US, learn about the Barritt’s legacy.

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